Allam, and Communism

Wed Oct 19 13:08:04 PDT 2005

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Scott Schultz wrote:

> >This is why I found it unlikely that Sethra would have allowed M to go
> >on what was apparently a suicide mission with Vlad - see the archives.
> >Notethat SKZB found this objection objectionable.
> Short of imprisonment, there's very little Sethra could have done to stop
> Morollan once his mind was made up. That's the sort of fellow he is.

We're talking about Sethra though.

> Note also that there was no guarantee that Vlad would be released by the
> Lords of Judgement and several reasons to believe that they would NOT
> release Morollan. As far as anyone but Vlad knew (and as he later
> learned) it WAS a suicide mission for Morollan. He simply considered the
> goal worthy of giving his life for.

Well, exactly my point.  In the snippage we were discussing Blackwand.
M has his talents, but he's not a battalion-in-a-stick as it were.  My
earlier contention (which I repeat was not well-received by the Author)
was that M should have left B or been prevented from going.