Allam, and Communism

Wed Oct 19 13:43:53 PDT 2005

>We're talking about Sethra though.

Sethra is many things, but she's not omnipotent. Moreover, Morollan isn't
the sort who could be swayed by anything more than words. If Sethra had
somehow decided that the situation called for Morollan to be disabled for
his own good, Morollan would have fought back with all of the considerable
power at his disposal. What good to save the Great Weapon if it's wielder is
destroyed or antagonized into your enemy in the process?

>Well, exactly my point.  In the snippage we were discussing Blackwand.
>M has his talents, but he's not a battalion-in-a-stick as it were.  My
>earlier contention (which I repeat was not well-received by the Author)
>was that M should have left B or been prevented from going.

Firstly, you can't talk about about Blackwand without talking about
Morollan. The two are "married" in a very real sense. Where one goes, the
other goes. Barritt is the only person we've ever known to separate himself
from a Great Weapon and we don't know the circumstances that led up his
camoflage of Pathfinder and his subsequent death.

To the left, you're putting a lot more emphasis on the Great Weapons than
any of the "players" in the divine game are. The Great Weapons are tools,
and dangerous ones but nothing more than that. While it's true that Verra
seems to be acquiring a collection of Great Weapons in her service, the
other Lords of Judgement have not been shown to be either concerned nor
encouraged by that fact. Losing one to the Paths shouldn't be something that
would particularly bother them. Great Weapons come and go all the time from
the larger historical perspective.

As for Sethra, as the Enchantress of Dzur Mountain and wielder of Iceflame
she has a lot of responsibilities, but none of those are the sort that
require her to be the caretaker of the Great Weapons. In fact, while we see
Sethra's role as front-line protector of the world to be very important,
it's very clear that Verra and possibly the other Lords of Judgement as well
think of her as a small fry and maybe even a bit presumptious. Sethra works
in the mortal realm and her concerns are those of the mortal realm. There's
no indication anywhere that she would feel particularly upset about
Blackwand or any other Great Weapon traveling into the Paths, never to

In other words, Morollan's a big boy and if he wanted to take Blackwand into
the Paths then he'd be perfectly entitled to do so. Sethra was more likely
to think that having Blackwand along might help him come back out alive in
some fashion rather than think that he ought to be restrained in order to
preserve a precious resource.