Allam, and Communism

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Oct 19 13:45:20 PDT 2005

Philip Hart wrote:

>Well, exactly my point.  In the snippage we were discussing Blackwand.
>M has his talents, but he's not a battalion-in-a-stick as it were.  My
>earlier contention (which I repeat was not well-received by the Author)
>was that M should have left B or been prevented from going.
Time and cause & effect are different for gods than they are for 
people.   I've seen several things that lead me to assume that they are 
willing to accept some things as inevitable.   It's not so much as some 
things aren't worth fighting over - it's that it's senseless to fight 
over them.     Vera can tell Vlad to put that weapon away - but it 
didn't occur to her to take it away from him.    I get the impression 
that this isn't because she can't - it's because she knew he would have 
it later.  

We know that time isn't the same - at least for a certain little 
girl.    We have seen that the gods were the servants of a people whose 
concepts of time and space were even more different than ours.

Also - demons and gods are the same - except that one is controlled and 
the other sort of isn't.   The demon we know best doesn't seem to be 
bothered by this.

Gods are different from people.   And their relationship to time makes a 
big difference.