Allam, and Communism

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Wed Oct 19 17:07:27 PDT 2005

Scott Schultz wrote:

>In any case, owners of Great Weapons have a tendency to get into situations
>that would defeat any normal person and come out of them victorious. That's
>one of the marks of a Great Weapon, and one of the things that made Morollan
>and Aliera suspicious that Barritt had been the owner of one. Even if
>Morollan does have some sort of destiny to fulfill, I'd imagine that Sethra
>would throw her hands up in the end and just hope that Blackwand could pull
>him through.
>The Great Weapons are a piece of heavy artillery on the greater divine
>battlefield, but they are capricious in that they're wielded by individuals
>with their own agendas. The loyalty of the Great Weapons is to their owners.
Their loyalty is to the owners they want to have.