Allam, and Communism

Wed Oct 19 15:11:17 PDT 2005

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Scott Schultz wrote:

> >More generally, M apparently has some fate - he's not in fact easily
> >replaceable.  I don't see how Sethra or Verra can allow him to go around
> >just putting his body wherever it seemed like a good idea.  V at least
> >should be a jealous god in this respect.
> Considering that Verra is also Barlan's lover and has been Adron's as well,
> I'd say she probably has fairly loose standards regarding fidelity,
> especially as concerns mortals. *heh*

That was a reference to the Liz Phair song "Jealousy", incidentally.

> If Morollan has a destiny of some sort (I'd be interested where this idea
> came from)

The (later?) Pirodessy, I suppose, where V talks about M.  Something about
combining witchcraft, sorcery, elder sorcery - there was some reaction on
the list I seem to recall about M's genes in that regard.

> He bothers about Jenoine only as often as Sethra or Verra make him
> aware of a need. If he was a bit more selfish or a bit more ill-informed
> about the nature of the world, he wouldn't be helping to protect the world
> at all.

Who knows, beside SKZB, if Him?