Allam, and Communism

Wed Oct 19 15:29:24 PDT 2005

>Who knows, beside SKZB, if Him?

Well, we do have at least one example - Whatsisname, the guy Sethra mentions
who owns one of the Great Weapons without even realizing what it is. Sethra
has investigated him to the extent that she knows what he has, but she
apparently has not taken any actions that would either enlighten him or
recruit him to the side of the Defenders of Dragaera.

Why hasn't she done this? Who knows? On the one hand, there may be something
unsuitable about him that causes those in the know to feel the most peace of
mind knowing that he'll never use it. (We don't know if he's actually soul
bonded to it or not.) On the other, it may simply be that they feel it's not
their business. I'm inclined towards this latter view. As long as it's not
in the wrong hands (say someone who might attempt to wield it against the
Lords of Judgement) then what happens to it is not the concern of anyone but
it's owner. If it's soul-bonded then there's not much anyone can do to
interfere with it short of annihilating the sword-bearer, anyway.