Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Carson Chittom chittom at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 08:55:58 PDT 2005

Amit Runchal wrote:

> Based on all this, is it safe to assume that Barritt was never linked  
> to a Great Weapon, even though he possessed one? It seems like he was  
> killed off fairly casually, as mentioned in Yendi if memory serves  
> correctly (and wasn't StY involved in that as well?). Plus, I'm not  
> sure why he would disguise Pathfinder, or if in fact, Pathfinder  
> disguised itself.

I'm not so sure it's safe to assume that.  As we're all aware, "No 
matter how subtle a wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will 
severely cramp his style."