Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

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Fri Oct 21 07:42:27 PDT 2005

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 12:53:36PM -0600, Maximilian Wilson wrote:

> Some minor quibbles.

Sounds good. :-)

> On 10/20/05, Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> wrote:

> > same weapon. Blackwand may happily come into possession of the first
> > person to hold it while Pathfinder may hide itself until the right person
> > comes along (we know both have had previous owners).

> We do? I'm focusing on "know" as opposed to "assume."

In the strict sense of know, ie, stated textual evidence of a previous
owner I agree.  But there's a fairly good set of things that lead me to
think that way.  We've seen two cases of a GW come into someones hands
thru Vlads eyes, one reported nth-hand by Paarfi.  In all three cases,
nobody seemed to be terribly surprised about a GW adopting an owner.
There was certainly a great deal of surprise about Godslayer re-integrating,
but I think the only suprise about Vlad being the wielder was that he's
an Easterner.

If we're to assume that GWs did *not* have a previous owner, then we're
faced with the prospect that at least 3 of them have sat idle since
their creation - Blackwand, Godslayer, and Pathfinder.  They were made
to be used, and I don't think even the Serioli are that patient.  And
there seems to be some implication that they're ancient.  What's the
odds on three of them suddenly adopting owners in a few centuries?  Or
maybe even four, given the lack of detail Sethra gives about the other
weapon she knows to be in someone's hands?

There's probably more detail available on this in the last chapter or
two of Issola when Sethra discusses GWs with Vlad.

> > We also know that GWs, as Great as they are, can be resisted by a
> > prepared Jenoine (and perhaps a prepared God?)

> Not without access to amorphia . . .

Good point.  Of course, the Gods have that access.

> > To permanantly seal off/dispose of either the Jenoine or the Gods or
> > both will require something unprecedented. Like, say, Sethra Lavode
> > being killed in battle. One of the Jenoine picks up Iceflame, kills
> > Verra.

> Why would a Jenoine need a GW to kill Verra? They have some pretty capable
> tools of their own.

Clearly the Jenoine know *something* about the GWs; they were able to
prepare a resistance to Pathfinder et al.  If they suddenly see one
idle, they'd try it - even if all they know is that it's a helluva weapon.

> >    Vlad kills the Jenoine as it's standing there with Verra
> > impaled. Verra falls, the Jenoine falls, Vlad picks up Iceflame,
> > which now has three souls: it's original, Verras, and the Jenoines.
> > Not to mention he still holds Godslayer. A doubly unprecedented
> > situation has now arisen. Hijinks ensue.

> I'm not sure what you mean about Iceflame now "having" three souls.

Sorry, I wasn't clear - and do remember, this is all just wild speculation
on my part.

I'm assuming Iceflame has a soul.  Sethra is killed, Iceflame trys to
grab her soul (maybe vampires can't be revivified?) to protect her.
The Jenoine stabs Verra with Iceflame.  Iceflame attempts to consume
her soul, but Sethra holds it back.  Iceflame now had three souls,
one permanant, two guests.  Vlad picks up Iceflame.  Hijinks ensue. :-)
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