Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Maximilian Wilson wilson.max at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 11:53:36 PDT 2005

Some minor quibbles.

On 10/20/05, Steve Simmons <scs at di.org> wrote:
> same weapon. Blackwand may happily come into possession of the first
> person to hold it while Pathfinder may hide itself until the right person
> comes along (we know both have had previous owners).

We do? I'm focusing on "know" as opposed to "assume."

> We also know that GWs, as Great as they are, can be resisted by a
> prepared Jenoine (and perhaps a prepared God?)

Not without access to amorphia. Or at least, it's the fact that the Jenoine
blocked a Great Weapon attack (or actually two) that tips Aliera off to the
fact that there's something weird going on with the Jenoine--in fact she
appears to think it should have been "obvious" that they were using
amorphia, although part of that is Aliera kicking herself.

> To permanantly seal off/dispose of either the Jenoine or the Gods or
> both will require something unprecedented. Like, say, Sethra Lavode
> being killed in battle. One of the Jenoine picks up Iceflame, kills
> Verra.

Why would a Jenoine need a GW to kill Verra? They have some pretty capable
tools of their own.

Vlad kills the Jenoine as it's standing there with Verra
> impaled. Verra falls, the Jenoine falls, Vlad picks up Iceflame,
> which now has three souls: it's original, Verras, and the Jenoines.
> Not to mention he still holds Godslayer. A doubly unprecedented
> situation has now arisen. Hijinks ensue.

I'm not sure what you mean about Iceflame now "having" three souls.

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