Other Great Weapon (SPOILERS)

Fri Oct 21 07:51:43 PDT 2005

>>FRIEDA2133 wrote on 10/20/2005 11:15:55 PM:

>> On Baritt, remember he said this when he met Aliera:
>>    "Baritt said, 'And you?'
>>    'I am Aliera.'
>>    His eyes widened.  'Indeed?  Well, this is indeed, droll. 
>> And you are trying to return to living lands, are you not? 
>> Well, then, I crave a favor.  If you succeed, and I am still 
>> alive, don't visit me.  I don't think I could stand it."
>>    Aliera said, 'My Lord, we are--'
>>    'Yes, I know.  I cannot help you.  There is no way out 
>> except the one you know.  Any purple robe can guide you back 
>> there.  I am sorry.' 
>>    And he did actually seem to be sorry, too, but he was 
>> looking at Aliera as he said it.
>>    Aliera scowled and her nostrils flared.  She said, 
>> 'Very well, then,' and we left Baritt standing there."
>> Could Baritt have been in love with Aliera too?  Was he 
>> searching for her for years?  Only to find her when he is 
>> dead and she alive again.  Could he have been collecting 
>> Morganti weapons in an effort to find Pathfinder to find her.
>> Could Baritt have been one of the others that helped in the
>> search for Aliera's soul using Pathfinder without Sethra
>> knowing how he did it.
>> Then again, maybe Baritt or someone else hid Pathfinder in 
>> a Great Sword to keep it from actively searching for Aliera 
>> itself. Sort of like the idea that Spellbreaker would keep 
>> trying to find Dolivar and if it wasn't being blocked somehow.
>> Remember Spellbreaker in Issola--"slithered over to you, and,
>> uh, it kind of crawled up your arm".

>Scott Schultz wrote on 10/21/2005 10:05:43 AM:

> Y'know, that's interesting. In the past I'd always read that exchange as
> Baritt being lecherous and sardonic at the same time. I'd never really
> caught on to the fact that he recognized her name. If he knew that
> Pathfinder was attempting to find Aliera, then it would indeed be 
"droll" to
> encounter her as he did. Even his request "Don't visit me, I don't think 
> heart could take it" looks more like "Don't come anywhere near where my
> Great Weapon might find you."
> But then Vlad says "and he did actually seem to be sorry, too", which
> doesn't really jibe with someone who would have been deliberately hiding
> Pathfinder from the object of its desire. Curioser and curioser.

i so wish i had my books with me right now so i could look a few things 
up, but i always took this as an allusion to the whole norathar/dragon 
heir conspiracy that baritt was a part of before it got him killed. 
*please* correct me if i'm wrong, it's really been a while since i read 
the books so some details are fuzzy, but didn't they go through a lot of 
trouble to get a certain dragon heir out of the way? and might not aliera 
reappearing cause a problem with those plans?  i always thought it would 
be the irony that would give him the heart attack - all that work for 
nothing. (and nobody yell at me if i used irony wrong, i've never quite 
the hang of the word)