Joss Whedon knows "Who?"

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Mon Oct 24 20:19:01 PDT 2005

On October 24 Joss Whedon wrote on his website  http://whedonesque.com/  :

"Steven Brust Has Written a Firefly Novel. The Well-known SF/F author has
written an original novel set in the 'Verse which has yet to be accepted 
for publication. 

On his 10/1/2005 blog entry, he has the following to say about completing
a rough draft: 

"As of this afternoon, the first draft of the Firefly novel (tentatively 
titled: My Own Kind of Freedom) is finished. This one is going to take a 
lot of revision, as I was (as usual) making it up as I went,  and now that
I know what happens, it's got to be set up right. But I'm pleased with having
finished, and pleased with the book."

I don't know if he has a deal with the official people, or if he's going
to shop it to them, but this is interesting. I'm not familiar with his 
work, but I've heard good things about it and from some of his other
entries, he's a fan of the verse. If the verse is going to continue 
in any form, I'm hoping it'll be quality work. (Maybe somebody could 
lure Ben Edlund back into the comics field...) "

On dragaera.info in response to what Mia McDavid wrote:

> What *I* want to know, is has Steve talked to Joss?

Steven Brust wrote on  Oct 9 19:49:17 CDT 2005 

>Why, yes, in fact I did.  I said, "Would you mind signing this for my 
>daughter, Aliera?"  He said, "Certainly," and then he did.  Aliera, who 
>adores Buffy and All Things Josh, was pleased.

>To answer the question you may really be asking, to the best of my 
>knowledge and belief, if someone were to mention my name to him, he'd 
>say something to the effect of, "Who?"

Joss knows "Who?"  (or someone answered his "Who?" question) 

If you are reading this and you do not know about Joss Whedon, do these
words or names mean anything to you:

Serenity Firefly Buffy Angel The Slayer 

Go see the Serenity movie before it leaves the big screen...then see it 
again...buy the Firefly DVDs(or go to a library)...buy the Serenity dvd 
in December...buy the Steven Brust Firefly novel when (hope) it comes out.

I am going to have an easy time shopping for Christmas gifts this year.
Wonder if the DVDs will fit in the Christmas stockings.


Linda G.