Dzur and the cycle poem

Thu Oct 27 19:33:08 PDT 2005

There are many reasons I hate that poem and wish I'd never written it; 
you've just mentioned one.  "Dzur" is one syllable.  The only way to 
make that line work is with a beat, or a breath, *before* the beginning 
of the line, which is ugly.

Steve Rapaport wrote:
> Ok, this has been bugging me for twenty-odd years. I just put it into the
> Lyorn Records wiki, but I'd like to hear what people think here.
> Pronouncing "Dzur"
> The Cycle <http://dragaera.wikicities.com/wiki/Cycle> poem is in trochaic
> tetrameter <http://tinablue.homestead.com/Prosody2meter.html> (*
> http://tinablue.homestead.com/Prosody2meter.html*),
> That is, the lines have four feet, each one is a trochee (STRONG weak), e.g.
> "PHOEnix SINKS in TO de CAY___"
> (the last foot is a half-foot in every line)
> But: this line is an exception:
> *Dzur stalks and blends with night.*
> The only way the poem scans (that I can see) is if Dzur is pronounced with
> TWO syllables, with the first one strongest, as in:
> "DEE-zur" STALKS and BLENDS with NIGHT ____
> Does anyone think that it's pronounced that way? Or have another way to make
> that line scan properly? (Other than changing words)
> --
> \Steve