Morganti Weapons (a new and different question- ok it's astretch)

Steve Simmons scs at di.org
Tue Nov 8 07:50:26 PST 2005

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 10:12:36AM -0500, Casey Rousseau wrote:
> Steve Simmons writ:

> > Actually, I'm not so sure of that.  I think they make it impossible
> > for the soul to reach the Halls and prevent it from being able to
> > manifest in Dragaera . . .

> Hmmm, this would make the revulsion Vlad feels for the "hungry"
> semisentience of Morganti blades a result of religious superstition?  

Of course not, and I didn't in any way say that.  Vlad (and presumably)
most Dragaeans and Easterners) interpret it as hunger to consume the
soul in its entirety.  What they may actually be perceiving is hunger
to consume some particular aspect of the soul - its ability to manifest
in the Dragaeran plane and the plane containing the Halls of Judgement.

> > I have no textev for this, just a conjecture based on what we know
> > about reincarnation and the slippery way Serioli talk about things.
> > Humans and Easterners say that Morganti weapons destroy souls.  But
> > we've never heard a Serioli say it.  Well, not that I recall.
> Other than the Serioli's cryptic comments about 'remover of aspects of
> divinity' and 'wand that creates death in sword form' do we have discussion
> from Serioli on anything?

Little, very little. What we do have is strong textual evidence that the
Serioli created the Great Weapons to oppose the Gods.  Denying them the
ability to manifest in Dragaera certainly settles that issue quite
thoroughly, and may be easier than actually killing them.  In support of
that thesis, note that a relatively ordinary Taltos horse is able to
permanently prevent Verra from manifesting somewhere in 'Brokedown
Palace.'  And Godslayers correct name is 'Remover of Aspects of Divinity.'

If memory serves, the Serioli attempts to correct Vlad and Morrolan on
several similar items.  IMHO this provides enough textev to say that
humans and Easterners could well have misinterpreted what the Serioli say
Morganti weapons do. I can well imagine that the Serioli said the weapons
were "removers of souls from this plane."  Easterners and Dragaerans, who
probably knew little or nothing of any other planes, would immediately
leap to a wrong interpretation.

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