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I have a hunch that the transformation from a mortal to a god involves, at 
some point, being invested with the blood of a divine being.  This meshes 
with both philosophies, both Eastern and Dragaeran:  The Fenarians believe 
that gods are "not-mortals" and that they are beings to be worshipped and, 
well, deified.    The Dragaerans consider godhood, with some conditions, I 
bet, to be just another step on the path of sorcery, coincidentally giving 
much insight into the nature of their psyches, and how central sorcery is to 

Perhaps, as a side note, sorcery is so freakishly important, because without 
it, the very thing that defines them (their melding with actual animal 
stock) may never have come to pass (it's true, it was Jenoine "sorcery" that 
did it---but really, when someone does something magical, to proto-humans 
[or even futuristic humans, who, with their advanced technology may be even 
MORE convinced that magic is magic and not technology] then they will 
probably not care too much and just say "Look! Magic!!").

Anyway, it would make sense that Sethra would then have been given the blood 
of a goddess, but then refused to take (probably wanting to avoid being 
bound by the rules of the gods, thus causing great offense to certain 
deities who dislike having the fact that there are rules binding them 
[causing them all to be, in some ways, demons, a seemingly racial-esque 
insult to them) and even more offense was caused, I imagine, in the cases 
where it was unavoidably true.

It would also make sense that Morrolan is not yet a god because, while he 
has the blood of a god in him, he has not yet made the other steps to which 
I alluded in the above.

So, to get to my point, when one says that a certain blade "removes the 
aspects of divinity" I would imagine that it removes most, if not all 
aspects of divinity, whereas a regular GW would only remove one in 

I would put forward, as perhaps an over-simplification, godhood is a 
multi-stepped process that allows the individual to manifest on many 
different planes, and thus, in the way that a hand in the 3rd dimension 
would just magically appear and seem to affect great change on a specific 
2nd dimensional plane (appearing to "pass through it") achieve an effect 
that is truly god-like in its ability to interfere with things :P

In fact, each step may have a correlating plane to it, though this is more 
likely to be an even greater over-simplification:

For instance, the ability to manifest freely in the Paths of the Dead, for 
which everyone seems to have a quota of one in their blood (for each time 
they manifest in the Dragaeran realm), would seem to be most connected to 
the presence of a certain blood type, ie, the blood of a divinity.  
Obviously, something in the blood itself, whether it is a weird chemical, or 
some mystical property (probably both) allows someone this privilege.

Morrolan, I imagine, would have no problem going back to the Paths and 
coming back.

We know that mastering the seven necromantic gates is not a pre-requisite, 
though maybe knowing one or two may.  This we know from Verra's reaction to 
the Necromancer's "curriculum vitae" having included 5 or 6 of them.

After a while, though, it may seem silly--a checklist to become a god?  Give 
me a break!

But when you consider that mastering a necromantic gate probably requires at 
LEAST a dragaeran lifetime, well then you see that there are really no 
"shortcuts" to be made, making this THE checklist to complete, THE scavenger 
hunt to play.

So, next question:  Am I mostly a Dragon or an Athyra?  Or maybe even a 
Hawk?  I mean, I have the ego of a Dragon, and certainly their ambition, the 
curiousity and insufferableness of a Hawk and the mystical academic bent 
that fits so many Athyra to a T.


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On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 10:12:36AM -0500, Casey Rousseau wrote:
 > Steve Simmons writ:

 > > Actually, I'm not so sure of that.  I think they make it impossible
 > > for the soul to reach the Halls and prevent it from being able to
 > > manifest in Dragaera . . .

 > Hmmm, this would make the revulsion Vlad feels for the "hungry"
 > semisentience of Morganti blades a result of religious superstition?

Of course not, and I didn't in any way say that.  Vlad (and presumably)
most Dragaeans and Easterners) interpret it as hunger to consume the
soul in its entirety.  What they may actually be perceiving is hunger
to consume some particular aspect of the soul - its ability to manifest
in the Dragaeran plane and the plane containing the Halls of Judgement.

 > > I have no textev for this, just a conjecture based on what we know
 > > about reincarnation and the slippery way Serioli talk about things.
 > > Humans and Easterners say that Morganti weapons destroy souls.  But
 > > we've never heard a Serioli say it.  Well, not that I recall.
 > Other than the Serioli's cryptic comments about 'remover of aspects of
 > divinity' and 'wand that creates death in sword form' do we have 
 > from Serioli on anything?

Little, very little. What we do have is strong textual evidence that the
Serioli created the Great Weapons to oppose the Gods.  Denying them the
ability to manifest in Dragaera certainly settles that issue quite
thoroughly, and may be easier than actually killing them.  In support of
that thesis, note that a relatively ordinary Taltos horse is able to
permanently prevent Verra from manifesting somewhere in 'Brokedown
Palace.'  And Godslayers correct name is 'Remover of Aspects of Divinity.'

If memory serves, the Serioli attempts to correct Vlad and Morrolan on
several similar items.  IMHO this provides enough textev to say that
humans and Easterners could well have misinterpreted what the Serioli say
Morganti weapons do. I can well imagine that the Serioli said the weapons
were "removers of souls from this plane."  Easterners and Dragaerans, who
probably knew little or nothing of any other planes, would immediately
leap to a wrong interpretation.

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