Tue Nov 8 15:45:51 PST 2005

J C wrote:

> So, next question:  Am I mostly a Dragon or an Athyra?  Or maybe even 
> a Hawk?  I mean, I have the ego of a Dragon, and certainly their 
> ambition, the curiousity and insufferableness of a Hawk and the 
> mystical academic bent that fits so many Athyra to a T.
> Jon

Well, since both Dragon and Athyra are interested in knowledge as a key 
to power, while the Hawks are interested in it more as a purely 
intellectual pursuit, while being aloof and detacthed, I don't see you 
being Any of these.

After all, a Hawk would never post on this mailing list (he'd be too 
busy observing to participate) and the others would be busy asking 
"what's in it for me?"

I'd say you're more of a Lyorn, pursuing  the truth is spite of all 
opposition, and being an active participant during the pursuit.

Sorry, this probably wasn't the question you really wanted answered, but 
it struck me as more interesting for some reason. ;-)


(Definitely a Lyorn.)