Soul destroying - Issola Spoiler

Thu Nov 10 14:14:21 PST 2005

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>On Nov 10, 2005, at 5:00 PM, J C wrote:
>>I think that, given that Dragaerans get married at roughly 150  years of 
>>age, they have a relatively short fertility period.  Else,  you could have 
>>a elder brother over 1000 years your senior.
>>Savn and his sister are very close in age--probably less than a  century, 
>>I think around 2 or 3 score of years apart.  Very close,  in other words, 
>>considering a 2500 year life span.
>>What do you guys think?
>Maybe they are "Teckla twins".

IIRC Savn is 10-20 years older than his sister (He's 90 and she's 80, or 
something like that).
I think that it's a bit like with humans, i e you CAN get one child at 15 
and one at 45, but most people get their kids with 2 or 3 years apart. It's 
a thing of convenience.