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Maximilian Wilson wilson.max at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 17:15:01 PST 2005

On Paresh, Paarfi, and Aerich:

It's also possible that the two stories are not related at all, or
that Paresh has read Paarfi and is embroidering his history with
details from the stories. While we might chuckle to think that the
real-life Aerich was less cool-headed than his literary counterpart
(Paarfi is, after all, a purveyor of romance novels), Paresh also says
that his attacker tried to blast him with sorcery, with he adroitly
dodged. This doesn't fit in well with Aerich, who isn't much of a
sorcerer per the novels, and IIRC Tazendra's kidnapping takes place
during the Interregnum. Perhaps the "daring Teckla teases the arrogant
lordling" theme is common enough that Paresh and Paarfi both adopt it
from a common source, whether or not the basic details are true in
Paresh' case.

IMHO, this is a case where Steve is teasing us. Much like the conflict
between Morrolan's and Paarfi's accounts of the Zerika's descent from
Deathgate. I don't know that it necessarily has a deeper meaning;
maybe He does it just to be contrary.

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