Soul destroying - Issola Spoiler

Fri Nov 11 17:44:40 PST 2005

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Jon Lincicum wrote:

> Philip Hart wrote:
> >
> >Or Paresh is lying like shag wall-to-wall.
> >
> >
> We pretty much know Paresh is lying (or mis-remembering, anyway) at
> least some portions of his story, since his version is different from
> Paarfi's

In May '04 I was involved in an energetic argument on the list with
another poster (John Klein?) who was defending the accurate-Paresh thesis
against my absolutist accurate-Paarfi position.  I think there were some
good points on both sides, though I still hold my view.

(I see there was another such argument in August '03 - I think me vs