Quiet (Spoilers)

Sun Nov 13 22:15:30 PST 2005

> >1. How did Arra manage to use witchcraft while Laszlo could not?
> Arra works for Verra.  Once Arra realized something was up, 
> she contacted Verra and got help.  

I was going to argue against this, because Paarfi pretends the gods were too
busy debating if they should do anything to actually do anything, but a)
it's Paarfi, and b) Verra, of all the gods we've been introduced to, seems
most likely to circumvent the debate and just do what she thought needed

Still, it reminds me of something that's been puzzling me for some time now
(and I nearly think I've mentioned it here before):  Verra is the Goddess of
Elder Sorcery and her sister Moranthe is the Goddess of Witchcraft, and yet,
I do not believe we've met a single witch who revered Moranthe.  Most (Vlad,
Morrolan, Arra, Noish-pa) revere Verra, and some (althought they might not
have been witches) used to revere Tristangrascalaticrunagore.

> 9.  I don't know how Brokedown Palace fits in with all this.
> Bolk told Miklos to write down what happened.  Brokedown 
> Palace, Chapter 17, page 266.  The manuscript could have been 
> read into the shiny box.  Hopefully, Miklos got some of the gold.

Good catch, I hadn't noticed that line.