Pel vs. Paarfi

Mon Nov 14 10:40:02 PST 2005

> It is established on the first page of Phoenix that we are in 
> the Duchy of Luatha, and yet, we find Tazendra in the area 
> "because she lives there". 
> It is later established that Tazendra is from the Barony of 
> Daavya, and that Daavya is located in the Duchy of Arylle. 
> I see three basic ways to work this out: 


> 2. When we meet Tzendra, she is living in exile in a place 
> that is not her home. 

I believe #2 is correct:

K: In a few years, we will have accumulated some leave, and we will go
looking for these famous estates of yours [Tazendra's].
A: What is the name of your duchy?
T: It was a barony, I know not where, only that it is called Daavya
- The Phoenix Guards, pg 478 of the paperback:

> Just as an aside, the wonderful Dragaera map you've put 
> online would be consistent with 2nd theory, but it would 
> appear to have Arylle too far away from Dragaera city if 
> either of the others are true. (60-70 leagues, by Paarfi, 
> while on the map it looks to be closer to 180 leagues.) 

First off, thank you.

Second, while there are a number of problems with that version of the map, I
don't think this is one of them.  *crosses fingers*

I've been working on the next version (which isn't quite ready to be
released yet), and one of the questions I put to Steve was about the
distance from Daavya to Dragaera City.  Aerich and Tazendra pretend to make
that journey in 30 hours in FHYA via the post, but Daavya appeared to me to
be at least 700 miles from Dragaera City.  This did not seem possible.

Steve said 700 miles sounded about right, and did not dispute Paarfi's claim
they made the trip in 30 hours.

Perhaps Dragaeran horses are faster or have more endurance than their Terran