Different planes

Steve Rapaport steve at romlin.com
Mon Nov 14 10:40:54 PST 2005

> > If this were true, Deathgate Falls and the cave Zerika exits the Paths
> of
> > the Dead from would probably also qualify as places Verra could
> manifest.
> Good points. And, as I recalled just now, the Paths of the Dead are
> also a location that can be reached by "simple physical motion on the
> surface of the planet", yet are not necessarily in the same plane of
> existence as the rest of Dragaera. So I can understand positing that
> there might be other locations like it.

If any two places on the planet (besides top and bottom of Deathgate Falls)
could be said to be in separate planes of existence, it would have to be the
East and the Empire.

Remember the long description at the beginning of Morrolan's story on the
amazingly large cliffs and huge desert you have to cross to get from one to
the other? Plus the fact that the Easterners refer to the west as "Faerie",
hardly the type of name you'd give a place that's just somewhere else.
There's a definite attempt to create a geographical and metaphysical
boundary here, not only on the part of the author, but also on the part of
the Jenoine, or the gods, or whoever made that honkin' big cliff in the
first place.

-Steve the Younger

P.S. I just made this observation as I was falling asleep the other day --
Good fantasy authors ask creative questions and give logical answers. Fans
and followers tend instead to ask logical questions and give creative
answers, which is why they're seldom the same as what the author will choose
to do.