Dragaeran Projects - Dragaeran Tarot Deck

Wed Nov 16 04:37:38 PST 2005

Hi all,

According to Steve, most card games on Dragaera are played with the
Dragaeran Tarot deck - so we intend to release said Tarot deck at the 2006
Fan summit.

Steve and my partner Sage have discussed what the incarna should be and
various other attributes of the project but we have not, as of yet,
finalized anything.

At this point we are waiting for three things:
- the art (see previous mail)
- final determination of what house and other Dragaeran iconic
representations should be which arcana
- final approval from Steve who has the answers to all such things somewhere
in his wondrously creative brain.

So to help us ensure that we have everything in its proper place Sage has
asked me to ask all of you - as you are the foremost experts of the world
next to Steve - what you all think would be in a Dragaeran Tarot deck.

Please keep in mind that this deck is to be the deck that Dragaerans would
use, so individuals highlighted in the book will (for the most part) be out
of bounds.  A Dragaeran would not use a deck that had a relatively unknown
Vlad as the Death card - they might however happily use one that had a
overdone characterization of an Easterner as the Fool...

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what we are looking for.  Just like the
other stuff this project should be going to press Jan 15th.  As such I need
your answers, suppositions and conversation on this subject ASAP.  Please
copy Sage into the loop on all tarot specific ramblings

If you have any questions about this project or any other part of the Summit
festivities please do not hesitate to ask.
Sage is the Tarot expert and she may be reached at sbrwake at yahoo.com
I am running the production schedules and may be reached by e-mail here
about half the time, or by phone at 303-359-7073 pretty much all of the

Thanks again for your love of the world and your help!

Rion Bergquist -
CEO Carpovita Press & Exec Director Opus Arts Festival - www.opusfest.com