Dragaeran Projects - Dragaeran Tarot Deck

Wed Nov 16 11:53:43 PST 2005

Well, what I'd visualize instead of a Dzur card, or an Orca card, is 17
cards of characters of each house with an analogue to one of the arcana with
the house symbol on the corners perhaps, then the 5 other cards without the
house markings, like; Vlad as the Death card, Tortaliik(sp) as the Emperor
card, perhaps an Easterner card? certainly a card for the Orb, Zerika could
represent the Phoenix (and could fit nicely within the Empress as an
example), the lovers could be Piro and Ibronka. Pel could be the hanged man,
Aerich could (possibly) be Strength, though Khaavren could fit. Tri-whatever
(god who was killed by M in Sethra Lavode) could be a nice Devil.

I think that Vlad should represent Death, however. No other character has
changed more than him and the Death card represents change