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Wed Nov 16 10:40:37 PST 2005

>In the real world, Tarot operates
> on several levels. At the highest level, it's a symbolic guidebook of the
> stages of life and enlightenment and a kind of philosophical teaching aide.
> At the middle level it's a semi-magical apparatus full of arcane symbology
> (how much depends on the agenda of the publisher of any particular deck)
> which lends itself to divination of various sorts. At the lowest level, it's
> simply a fancy deck of playing cards. 

True today, but...

> The more mundance uses of the deck to play Shereba, for instance,
> would be a consequence of the design rather than a driving force behind it,
> much like Tarrochi is a poker-like game (or maybe bridge-like, I forget)
> that happens to be played with a Tarot deck.

I have a friend who has done a lot of research into the history of both
games and the occult.  Tarot decks were used for gaming for, literally, 
centuries before the fortune-telling aspects were invented (IIRC, in late
18th century France)

The exact origin of the "major arcana" symbolism is unknown, but I've heard 
plausible speculation that it was a representation of the "floats" in 
Italian religious parades.


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