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Mon Nov 21 10:47:46 PST 2005

but that would have VERY limited appeal whereas a "standard" tarot deck that
had been "brustified" might well serve as a gateway for more exposure for
Steve...  and we already know that Dragaera and Earth have direct ties so...

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Scott Schultz wrote:

>What does the Dragaeran Tarot represent? In the real world, Tarot operates
>on several levels. At the highest level, it's a symbolic guidebook of the
>stages of life and enlightenment and a kind of philosophical teaching aide.
>At the middle level it's a semi-magical apparatus full of arcane symbology
>(how much depends on the agenda of the publisher of any particular deck)
>which lends itself to divination of various sorts. At the lowest level,
>simply a fancy deck of playing cards. It's rather amusing to look through a
>modern Tarrochi deck because the cards are duplicated vertically in the
>fashion as a deck of standard playing cards. The Hanged Man, for instance,
>becomes nothing more than two pairs of disembodied legs joined at the
That's funny.

The trouble with comparing arcana of our world with that of Brust's
universe is that ours evolved from various religions and religious-type
beliefs.   We have no way of checking to see if one fantasy works and
another doesn't - so we end up with a mismatch.

In a world where divine beings can actually be called with measurable
responses, such confusion messes things up.   One god will not want to
be confused with his enemy god.   Rules that don't work - can have
bigger consequences than losing paying customers.

>I guess the biggest question to answer is whether this is to be truly a
>"Dragarean Tarot" or if it's simply a standard Tarot illustrated with
>Dragaeran imagery. The latter would be easier to create, while the former
>would be of more interest though to a possibly narrower audience. (There
>plenty of people who collect "standard" Tarot decks who might be interested
>in a Dragaeran Tarot.)
I would expect people who believe in Tarot to be unwilling to accept a
completely alien mythos.    But I suspect that most of us who attend SF
conventions are like those characters in _Charles Fort Never Mentioned
Wombats_, we separate out our fantasy out from the world.    I have to
admit I have zero patience with people who believe in Tarot and
astrology in our world.

There's really no reason that Dragaeran Tarot has major and minor
arcana, Fools, hanged men or any of the things that have evolved into
current Tarot.   (How long have our current Tarot been stable anyway -
if nothing else, time will change things).    But those might be selling
points for people who collect such.

Still, it might be more interesting to come up with a completely new
deck with new rules that matched Dragaeran reality.