new Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability

Mon Nov 21 11:28:02 PST 2005

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Subject: new Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability

> My department's IT chief just forwarded this message to everyone from the
> University's Information Security Office. I don't have time to write a
> filk about it.
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> Hi all,
> It appears that an advisory has been released about an unpatched
> Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability which allows the execution of
> code by simply visiting a malicious website. At the same time they
> released proof-of-concept code which has been verified by SANS to work as
> advertised.
> Workarounds:
> Use another web browser such as Firefox, Netscape or Opera If you have to
> use IE disable 'active scripting' for non-trusted sites or disable
> JavaScript.

Heh, I don't even use IE at work. Firefox is much mo' better.