Concerning Plurality

Wed Nov 30 17:18:56 PST 2005

Howard Brazee wrote:

> Do you want Steve to tell us all of his jokes?   Or do you want to 
> discover some of them during one read, more in another?

Steve's jokes are just one more thing to be noted and catalogued in the 

<Sigh> I really AM a Lyorn, aren't I?

Incidentally, I recently added a new page to the wikicity all of you 
might be interested in, it's a "Dramtis Locali" page, in the spirit of 
the :"Dramatis Personae" page, only this one with place names (Bryan, 
are you paying attention?).

This particular pearl od wisdom can be found at:


Okay, that's enough self-promotion for one day, anyway.