Undead in the Imperial Court

Thu Dec 1 06:50:13 PST 2005

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Subject: Undead in the Imperial Court

Verra, in /Taltos/:

  "and there are imperial rules against the undead holding official
imperial positions."

Paarfi, recounting the ceremony after the victory of the /Battle of

 "Sethra Lavode, for her part, was given nothing, but the ban upon her
presence at court was lifted, and an official apology was tendered
both from the Empire, and from the House of the Phoenix."

Perhaps Verra was simply not informed about current events regarding
imperial policy and the undead?

I assume that the "ban" was not enforced (or at least, not during
Zeika's reign), especially since Zerika made Sethra Lavode the Warlord
*before* this "official" lifting of the ban.  Even in Tortaalik's
time, the ban seemed to be more a matter of "Let's not invite the
vampire" (rather than, say, "If she shows up, she is to be denied
entry or arrested").

Who is going to enforce the ban on Sethra anyway? Not me, cobber.