Undead in the Imperial Court

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On 11/30/05, Davdi Silverrock <davdisil at gmail.com> wrote:
> Verra, in /Taltos/:
>   "and there are imperial rules against the undead holding official
> imperial positions."
> Paarfi, recounting the ceremony after the victory of the /Battle of
> Adrilankha/:
> "Sethra Lavode, for her part, was given nothing, but the ban upon her
> presence at court was lifted, and an official apology was tendered
> both from the Empire, and from the House of the Phoenix."

Note that this does not constitute an imperial position, merely a removal of
official displeasure. The Warlord issue is a bit more curious, but events
were pressing... note that Setha did not *remain* Warlord down to Vlad's
time, so perhaps the "rule" is still in force, especially since the
extenuating circumstances have passed.

*before* this "official" lifting of the ban.  Even in Tortaalik's
> time, the ban seemed to be more a matter of "Let's not invite the
> vampire" (rather than, say, "If she shows up, she is to be denied
> entry or arrested").



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