Concerning Plurality

Kenneth Gorelick pulmon at mac.com
Thu Dec 1 20:05:16 PST 2005

On Nov 30, 2005, at 9:19 PM, Davdi Silverrock wrote:
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> I think that sometimes it would help if he would drop the poker face,
> once in a while, when confusion has in point of fact resulted rather
> than amusement, and just say that he was joking.  For example, there's
> the whole "Tsalmoth are giant land snails (or turtles)" debacle.
> Come to think of it, there are still things that I'm not entirely
> certain whether or not he (or one of his characters) was serious
> about.  Such as norska only eating dragons that they have killed
> themselves, to offer one example.

I can hear an auctorial voice going, "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!"

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