the Yendi Conspiracy

Sun Dec 4 09:03:02 PST 2005

Alexx Kay wrote:

> The first big mistake was involving a Yendi. So the Yendi was involved in
>a plan that was over-complicated, abstruse, and not remotely the "right" way
>to go?  Imagine my shock and surprise!
Of course, given that she *is* a Yendi, we also have to allow for the 
possibility that the Sorceress in Green was never in favor of the war 
against the East herself, and was just using StY in some game of her own 

>>In order to launch a conquest, what you need to do is:
>>(a) convince those that like to fight that there will be plenty of fighting=
>>(b) convince those that like profit that there will be plenty of loot.
>>(c) convince anyone not in the above that the target of the conquest
>>is a terrible threat.
>>(d) convince everyone that anyone who is skeptical about the venture
>>is a traitor, or just too weak.
>>So given a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign as events lead
>>up to the next reign, and maybe a few Easterner attacks (fabricated
>>from nothing, or real ones exaggerated wildly) it wouldn't *matter*
>>who the Emperor or Warlord is - the war would be sold, and K'laiyer
>>e'Lanya (had he become Emperor) would have had to permit the armies to
>>advance East for purely political reasons, regardless of his own
>>feelings in the matter.
>With respect, those ingredients *will* get you a *war* -- but not necessarily
>a war of *conquest*.  That requires positive political will, not simple
>reluctant acquiescence on the part of the leader.
Why does this all sound so strangely familiar, somehow?

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