Spoiler proposal

Mon Dec 5 11:08:32 PST 2005

Steve Rapaport <steve at romlin.com> wrote:
>To: dragaera at dragaera.info
>Subject: Spoiler proposal
>Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 19:44:59 +0100
> >
> > I haven't read all Dragaeran books, as Brokedown Palace seems to be out 
> > print. I'd like to avoid having that spoiled, for if/when I can put my
> > grubby little hands on it.
>I'm with Martin on this, as I suspect many may be.  I kind of agree that
>anyone on a Dragaera mailing list is at least sufficiently addicted to have
>read all the easily-available books released at least a couple years ago. I
>know I have.  But in the case of Brokedown Palace, I can't easily get a 
>(here in Sweden), so I'm shutting my eyes when I see a Fenarian name I 
>recognize.   I actually stopped adding to the wikicity when spoilers for BP
>began appearing all over it.
>The half.com solution is appealing, but that $2.51 will quickly become
>$20.51 once I ship to Sweden.  Maybe for Xmas.
>My own proposed compromise probably makes sense only to me, but I like the
>idea of a general spoiler warning, with BP and any other out-of-print books
>there may be as exceptions, which should be clearly marked and set aside as
>spoilers, since they're not likely to be handy to everyone.
>Completely off-topic:   I was on a business trip last week to Slovakia, and
>twice met Hungarian chicks I wanted to impress.  Both times I found I knew 
>few words, and silently thanked Steve.

Thanks for all used book tips people, but as it happens I'm from Sweden too 
have the same "+ p & p" problem.

/That other Swedish guy with a non-typical Swedish name.