The Orca Spoiler - Time to let it go? (was Re: ProofMario isAlive?...)

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com Jon_Lincicum at stream.com
Mon Dec 5 14:51:32 PST 2005

>hmmm...  ever seen into the woods?
>perhaps you have hit on an idea for a wonderful play <g>

I've been in it, actually. (Played Jack)

But I honestly wasn't thinking of that when I wrote my little quip. 

You're right tho, it is appropriate.


P.S. One of my favorite things about being in that show was that I 
provided a remote-controlled car to our prop-makers who converted it to a 
chicken for the scene where the Hen that lays golden eggs runs out on 
stage... As a result I'm the only person I know who owns a 
remote-controlled chicken. ;-)