The Orca Spoiler - Time to let it go?

Tue Dec 6 05:57:56 PST 2005

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> Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:
>> So, if I've got this right, Sethra Lavode (Secretly Anakin's father),  
>> sent the Kwisatz Haderach to Endor to conquer the Ewoks using the  
>> Morganti Lightsaber of Kieron the Conquerer, but was thwarted by  
>> Gandalf, who slew the Balrog that Jabba the Hutt keeps in a pit below  
>> his throne, then gave the Imperial Orb to Frodo to carry to the  
>> Jenoine's world, and throw it into a river of amorphia, thus saving all  
>> of the galaxy from the Imperial Warlord, Darth Vader, who,in actuality,  
>> is secretly Mario.
>> Is that it?
> Close.  Sethra was actually working for the Second Foundation at the  
> time, and they had a contract with the Arisians.  The Moties were purely  
> a red herring, though.  What *I* can't work out is how Sethra found the  
> time for a forbidden liaison with the Dominator (who also was secretly  
> Anakin's father).
> Snarkhunter

She borrowed a time-turner from Hogwarts like any other good pupil. How  
else? Oh, or wasn't I supposed to mention that?

Everything works in Theory.

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