Fri Dec 9 15:27:52 PST 2005

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>Well, the reason I wondered about it in the first place was in the
>hope of established some firm guidelines for the Wikicity, and I was
>reluctant to simply go in and modify things to suit my preferences (no
>matter how preferable they were to me) without at least having a
>discussion on what seemed best to others, especially given that I
>could not recall for certain at that time what was in the text.
>However, I feel much more comfortable now in asserting that while both
>modified and unmodified plurals are acceptable, the "proper" forms
>(that is, the preferable ones) are that except for "Dragons" and
>"Hawks", all of the House (and animal) names are unmodified plurals.
>Unless SKZB says otherwise, of course.  Which perhaps he will.
Hey, if you want to change the character subcat on the Wikicity to be 
"Orca" instead of "Orcas", I say go for it. Myself, I'm just glad I had 
an excuse to finally get rid of the one labelled "Dzurs" which I never 
cared for.

Orcas doesn't seem so bad, by comparison.