Fri Dec 9 17:53:11 PST 2005

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

> While there are no hits on "twins", booksearch does find 3 uses 
> of"twin"; once as a synonym for "two", once as being short for "two 
> identical", and once as being short for "identical copy". Perhaps a 
> liberty taken by the translator, but also perhaps signifying that the 
> *concept* of twins does exist.

> Thinking about it a bit, even if Dragaerans themselves never give 
> birth to twins, they may be familiar with other species (including 
> Easterners) that do sometimes give birth to twins.

That was, more or less, my point. I think it's pretty safe to assume 
that Easterner's *do* have twins on occasion. (Given the idea that all 
of Dragaera was originally an interstellar earth colony).
Dragaerans would be familiar with the concept, at least... And given the 
rarity of twins, even on Earth, it's not unthinkable that Dragaerans 
themselves even have them--in the same proportions that we do--and that 
we have just never chanced to have heard about them in the books. They 
are, after all, somewhat of a rarity on this planet, as well.