Michael Angelo Tripp-Russo michaelangelo at tripp-russo.com
Fri Dec 9 21:22:02 PST 2005

>> What if a Phoenix is having twins and only one phoenix flies  
>> overhead?
> It just has to make two passes.
>> Are there any references to Dragaeran twins, btw?
> None.

If I'm recalling correctly, Dragaeran's can't conceive accidentally  
(which is just one reason house crossbreeds are so rare), so perhaps  
they have some control over this as well - at least in a post  
Interregnum Dragaera since there is all sorts of wonderful sorcery.

Wether this lack of Dragaeran twins is deliberate or merely  
coincidental we may never know, I would suspect though that twins  
could happen to a Dragaeran just not by accident.