How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Mon Dec 12 14:42:57 PST 2005

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>RE: How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

>Sethra? Impartial?
>Tell that to all those Dzur Heroes who've been attacking Dzur Mountain for

well, thats true, but i consider it to be stupidity on the part of the House 
of the Dzur for allowing people to go do that. I do wonder though, whether 
or not they only send those that the Elders or Council of the House find to 
be inadequate to hold the position of 'Hero,' so they're sent to their 
deaths purposely. It's also possible that since the mountain is shaped like 
a Dzur, some in the House believe it to be the rightful property of a 
pure-blood Dzur, not someone with the features of a Dzur and a Dragon, like 
Sethra has, so they send the more easily-persuaded aspiring Heros.

Some in the House must recognize what Sethra does though, like protecting 
Dragaera from the Jenione, which would mean that if someone actually 
happened to kill Sethra, everyone is screwed.

You also have to consider that House Phoenix assets and titles would be 
needed for the continuation of the empire, since only Teckla are peasants, 
any Phoenix that should arise would need their own estate, to at least 
adhere to the vision of proper lifestyle. Sethra is all about the 
continuation of the Empire, which would make her a good choice.