How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

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RE: How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

>>Sethra? Impartial?
>>Tell that to all those Dzur Heroes who've been attacking Dzur Mountain 
>well, thats true, but i consider it to be stupidity on the part of the 
>of the Dzur for allowing people to go do that. I do wonder though, 
>or not they only send those that the Elders or Council of the House find 
>be inadequate to hold the position of 'Hero,' so they're sent to their 
>deaths purposely. It's also possible that since the mountain is shaped 
>a Dzur, some in the House believe it to be the rightful property of a 
>pure-blood Dzur, not someone with the features of a Dzur and a Dragon, 
>Sethra has, so they send the more easily-persuaded aspiring Heros.

I always got the impression that the Dzur Heroes that attack Dzur Mountain 
took it upon themselves to do so...

Like when Tazendra talks about her cousin who died attacking D-- er, he 
died on a quest.

>Some in the House must recognize what Sethra does though, like protecting 

>Dragaera from the Jenione, which would mean that if someone actually 
>happened to kill Sethra, everyone is screwed.

Not necessarily. Someone apparently DID kill her once, in fact, and she's 
still going like the Energizer Bunny.

And there's always the chance that she may finally find an Apprentice who 
can take her place (instead of trying to kill her) as Paarfi implied was 
her goal at one point.

That raises an interesting point, actually. Perhaps it was one of Sethra's 
previous apprentices that did her in? Would make sense.