How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Tue Dec 13 17:02:26 PST 2005

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

> Hmm. Precisely because they crossbreed without any restriction at all? 
> The whole point of maintaining House purity is because that's the only 
> way the the Cycle can really be maintained.
That kinda seems like making too much stew from one oyster to me. We 
don't know for sure that they don't respect the cycle just because of 
their breeding habits. I think it was Loiosh who said "A whole Island 
full of /Teckla/?" Which might imply that they aren't really crossbreeds 
at all (or maybe don't consider themselves to be such) but rather, 
simply not members of the "noble" houses.

I also like the idea that the inhabitants of Elde and Greenaere may be 
descendants of the tribes that "didn't make it". That seems like a 
pretty "cool" idea.

>But the whole *point* of Norathar joining the Jhereg was that, as far
>as she knew (and whoever raised her knew), she *was* a crossbreed.
Hmmm. Good point. However, while we know that Norathar's lineage was 
"questionable", we don't exactly know in which WAY it was questionable. 
It doesn't absolutely follow that she was considered a cross-breed... It 
may be that they simply though she was of the "wrong" Dragon lineage. 
(Given that the Dragons think about lineages seemingly much more than 
the other houses, this does not seem impossible.)

>Full-bread Phoenix?  Mmmm, toast.  Sorry.
She's not on Atkins, so bread it okay.

>However, to answer your question:  During the Interregnum, I think we
>can be pretty certain that there were no full-breed Phoenix anywhere
>besides Zerika.  I mean, someone would have *said*, "What about all
>those Phoenix that didn't have a phoenix fly past at their birth? 
>Don't they count, even a little?"
Perhaps. But then, with the Empire (and apparently the cycle) broken, 
they simply may not have stopped to consider that it might be important.

>Now that the Interregnum is over, perhaps some have been born to
>Jhereg unions, and will be revealed as they grow older.  Who can say?
Only one man that I know of, but he's not talking.

>>I've noticed that every time Vlad thinks the Dragaerans are being
>>metaphorical, he seems to be mistaken.
>Can you cite an example?
Well, I guess I'm mostly thinking of the "Dragaeran birth control" 
statements. But there's also his response to Sethra's "Become part of 
the Rock of Dzur Mountain" comment. Admittedly, we don't really know if 
he's really "wrong" in either instance, but it is strongly implied that 
he may be.

I guess *I'm* making too much stew out of one oyster this time.

>However, I am quite willing to modify my notion, since it is very
>simple to do so:  Let us say that the phoenix (bird) is indeed
>attracted by the birth of a pure-breed Phoenix.  Then it obviously
>follows that all those births by Phoenix that are *not* heralded by
>the phoenix are not pure-breed Phoenix.
Intriguing. Still, what if there was bad weather and the bird simply 
couldn't make it in time?

>Decadent little scenario that occured to me:
>"I can't believe that you did it with an entire Jhegaala squareball team!"
>"I can't believe that you were so occupied with watching us - not to
>mention your own frolics with the captain of the team - that you
>didn't even take a turn with your own wife!"
>"Oh, well. I suppose we ship the Jhegaala-Phoenix brat off to a Jhereg
>orphanage - along with all the others."
>Another thought:
>Illista to Khaavren: "You could have had several days of pleasure with
>me before I cast you aside"
>What if the reason that Khaavren was so angry at Piro for suggesting a
>cross-house marriage was because Illista and Khaavren *did* have
>several days (or at least, moments) of pleasure, which in turn led to
>a Phoenix-Tiassa bastard running around somewhere?
Oooo... Juicy.

Still, it seems like Dragaerans in general have no real problem with 
casual sex across houses, it's just the idea of *marriage* (or producing 
offspring) with someone of another house that gets them.

Seems to me that Vlad has some pretty good comments about prostitution 
that would appear to back this sentiment up.

>Soon, soon.
Good. I'm getting tired of being the only one to contribute. (Call your 
friends! Good wikicity in need of help!)

>Although it also occurs to me that Zerika, not being stupid, might
>draft a will or create some sort of legal trust in order to forestall
>such wranglings - since the advocates would no doubt take their fees
>from the holdings if any contention were to occur.
Nah. the holdings are of a limited amount. The contenders for the 
inheritence, on the other hand, are likely to have deep pockets.

Still, it's hard to imagine who would have the strongest claim to 
Zerika's inheritance. Laszlo? I have trouble buying that one.

>No, no.  Look, all they need to do is select one Phoenix out of
>however many there are as the Heir.  There must have been some
>criteria the House used (the least decadent of their number, perhaps?
>The most decadent?  The prettiest?  The best poker player?), so the
>Orb would surely recall what those criteria *were*.
Okay. Fair enough. Given that argument, I'd say the likeliest criterea 
is that of the "purest of character". (See TPG)