How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Fri Dec 16 13:09:06 PST 2005

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Michele Riccio wrote:

> My brain is not fully engaged (office holiday party...) however, I seem
> to remember Alieria (?) telling Vald that the Jhereg began as castoffs
> from other tribes, a mishmash of genetics, but over time "even a
> mishmash becomes recognizable".  This, to me, seems to indicate that
> while the Jhereg once consisted solely of crossbreeds, this is no longer
> true.

Seems to me that there are Jhereg and there are Jhereg. Some are born into
the house, but anyone can buy a title. Further, not all Jhereg are Jhereg
in terms of being in the buisness.

Doesn't every house have a way of joining outside of birthright? Seems to
me Dollivar (?) was able to join House Dzur by besting 17 warriors, such
that genetics may play less of a role in membership and only comes to
bearing in terms of the leadership of certain houses, or perhaps even only
in the leadership or nobles of the Empire.

--Brother Ike