Yummy Vlad speculation

Steve Rapaport steve at romlin.com
Sat Dec 17 13:59:02 PST 2005

>        "Vlad," [Aliera] said slowly, "he has Dragon genes."
>        I digested that.  "You're sure?  No possible doubt?"
>        "None.  If I'd wanted to take more time, I could have told you
> which
> line of the Dragons.  But that isn't all--he's a cross-breed."
>        "Indeed?" was all I said.  Cross-breeds were rare, and almost never
> accepted by any House except the Jhereg.
> ...
>        She nodded.  "He's clearly got three Houses in his genes.  Dragon
> and Dzur on one side, and Jhereg on the other."

Well, isn't that special!  We've had plenty of speculation (recently
quashed) that Sethra was somehow once Dolivar's lover.  But nobody lately
has speculated that Sethra might be somehow Vlad's mother!  It might explain
why she's so nice to him...

Dragon/Dzur on one side, huh?  Wonder who the lucky Jhereg was?

\Steve the Younger