Sethra as Vlad's mother? (Was Yummy Vlad Speculation)

Sun Dec 18 13:32:51 PST 2005

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> How so?
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> > > I'm not a huge fan of Vampire stories in general, but I don't think I've
> > > ever heard one (Brust or otherwise) with a pregnant Vampire.
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> > The Buffyverse comments on this in typically heart-wrenching style.

Honking big Buffy and Angel spoilers.

Seriously, if you don't want Buffy and Angel spoiled, skip this.

So in the Buffyverse, Angel is a vampire cursed with a soul - cursed in
that he is wracked with remorse for his earlier unlife of murder and
mayhem, and if he's ever happy again he'll lose his soul.  He was sired
by a vampire named Darla, who is killed in Buffy but brought back as a
human by some evil lawyers with the goal of destroying Angel.  After
various awful events, Darla is a vampire again, Angel is in despair
(D to A: "God doesn't want you, but I do."), and they have a fling
(risking Angel's soul due to the terms of the curse). Darla, to
everyone's shock, becomes pregnant.  As a result of this, she gets
some share of the baby's human soul and, like Angel, is  tormented by
guilt.  Drama this, drama that, a vampire can't give birth, Darla kills
herself so the baby can be born.