Sethra as Vlad's mother? (Was Yummy Vlad Speculation)

Mon Dec 19 12:44:15 PST 2005

Wanting Sethra to be Vlad's mother or some similar relational situation
between our lead protagonists strikes me to be analgous to wanting the two
lead characters in a situation comedy to finally "get together" after
several seasons of romantic and/or sexual tension.

The problem is that "getting together" hardly ever adds anything to the show
and nearly always heralds its upcoming death as it turns out that the
"tension" was what made the show enjoyable. 

I don't see any mileage to be gained by having Vlad be related to or have
relations with any of his Dragaeran acquaintances, particularly Sethra.
Being the carrier of Dolivar's reincarnated soul is already close enough to
the bone for such purposes.

In light of _Orca_, it might be interesting for Vlad to have a "moment" when
he remembers what it felt like to fantasize about "getting together" with
Kiera as a teenager, (especially if he discussed this tidbit with Sethra)
but given his strong feelings at that age about Dragaerans in general that
might never have really happened either.