I've a feeling...

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:58:40 PST 2005

Just to clarify when I'm thinking this takes place:

It's just after the events of /Phoenix/, before Vlad takes off from
Adrilankha for good.  He's in Castle Black, and he's wandered up the
steps one last time of Morrolan's tower, the one which has no windows
on the outside.  He watches the shifting windows, and conceives of the
idea that perhaps one of the worlds through the windows will have a
place where he can hide out for a while.  As the scene through the
windows shift, he spots one in particular with bright blue skies,
green fields, and other bright primary colors, contrasting strongly
with the black stone of the tower room and everything in it.

Vlad, focusing on the window and willing it to remain, begins to sing.

Loiosh, naturally, makes snarky remarks to him that the whole thing
will end in tears.

                         VLAD, singing:

		Somewhere, through Verra's Window, way up high,
		There's a plane of existence that might be worth a try.

/Boss, do you really think it's worth the risk?/
/I'm considering it, as I wax melancholy./
/Who is melancholy, and why have you never introduced her to me?/
/Shut up, Loiosh./

		Somewhere, through Verra's Window, skies are blue,

/If you want blue skies, we can always go out East!/
/Shut up, Loiosh.  This here is a *bluer* blue.  And, hey,
maybe that *is* the East!/

		And the dreams that you dare to dream really
		  do come true.

/Boss, you know you've had dreams that you really, really, don't want
to come true./
/Right now, my dream is to not be assassinated with a weapon that will
/Good enough.  Point to you./

		I think I'll dash off a quick note
		So Morrolan won't have a goat
		 or fear for me.

/Morrolan?  Fear?  You *are* referring to the Morrolan we know, yes?/
/Well, he might worry a *bit*./

(Vlad scribbles down the essence of what he's about to do on a piece
of paper, and leaves it on the floor.)

		The Jhereg won't know what to do
		Nor know which window to go through
		They'll never find me.

/Have you thought about how you're going to get *back*?/
/Uh...  We'll work something out./
/Who's *we*?/

		Somewhere, through Verra's Window, demons fly.
		They fly through Verra's Window,
		Why then -- oh, why can't I?

/Because you don't have *wings*, you great big... human!/
/That's "fly" as in "move quickly" or "flee".  And it's metaphorical anyway!/

		If eldritch undead demons fly
		Through Verra's Window
		Why, oh, why can't I?

/Because it would be a really, really bad idea?/
/Shut up, Loiosh.  I'm feeling reckless!/

VLAD, with LOIOSH, LEAPS through (one of) Verra's Window('s)
into a world that looks bright, shiny, happy, colorful, hectic
and... Odd.  Very, very Odd.

V&L, together: /Oh, craaaaaaap!/