Concerning Plurality

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 01:45:33 PST 2005

On 12/20/05, Mark A. Mandel <thnidu at yahoo.com> wrote:
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> > I think that sometimes it would help if he would drop the poker face,
> > once in a while, when confusion has in point of fact resulted rather
> > than amusement, and just say that he was joking.  For example, there's
> > the whole "Tsalmoth are giant land snails (or turtles)" debacle.
> No, SKZB never did that. What he did say was something like this: "I don't
> want to give definite descriptions of everything before I need it, because
> then I'd be stuck with them. If I said, for instance, that a tsalmoth was
> a giant land snail that climbs trees and tries to capture its prey by
> dropping down on it, then I'd be stuck with that description forever." It
> was a purely hypothetical, contrary-to-fact example, which was then
> misremembered and spread as a false rumor by readers of wherever he said
> it.

I know what you're referring to (it's in an interview here):


However, I *think* (and SKZB may feel free to correct me) that at some
convention or other event, Steve did actually say, in a *facetious*
mode, that that (or something similar, like a turtle) is what tsalmoth
are, and was misunderstood as being serious, and that is what the
interview statement refers to.

This post confirms that *someone* heard Steve directly (and did not
get it from the interview, which was given in 2001, 7 years after this
post (which is also more than a decade ago now, sheesh).  I did not
attend MOC (whatever that may be) [1], but perhaps someone else does
recall hearing Steve say something like this?


[1] MOC appears to be an overloaded TLA - Google references both a
"Mid-Ohio Con" and a "Magnum Opus Con".  Sigh.  Although since the
Mid-Ohio one appears to be more of a comics event, perhaps "Magnum
Opus Con" was indeed what was meant.