How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

Wed Dec 21 09:16:28 PST 2005

Peter H. Granzeau wrote:

> You know, Kragar, as I remember, done TOLE Vlad why he was a Jhereg, 
> not a Dragon, and it didn't involve a single instance of the word 
> "perhaps".
...which conveniently ignores the fact that Vlad on several occasions 
later begins to suspect that Kragar might be lying (or at least not 
giving him the whole story), and that Vlad says as much to the reader.

Who's more reliable? Or perhaps a better way to put it would be, "Who's 
more un-reliable?"

Personally, I don't trust Vlad any more than I trust Kragar. And that 
line about how Kragar knows what Eastern Kingdom Vlad is from because he 
"wouldn't go to work for you without knowing something about you..." I 
find it highly unlikely that Vlad wouldn't have probed into Kragar's 
past in the same way--translation: Vlad knows perfectly well what the 
deal is with Kragar, but just hasn't chosen to share that information 
with the silver box he talks to (i.e the reader).

So, poor us, left to speculate on what the truth might be, until Steve 
finds some "cool" explanation that he likes, prints it, and spoils our 
discussion. (But luckily, such explanation will likely raise more 
questions than it answers, so it's all good. ;-) )