Unreliable Narrators *Involves Discussion of BP*

Wed Dec 21 16:21:41 PST 2005

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>I think it is possible to argue that Miklos is good-hearted and
>honest, but nevertheless not entirely reliable, although not from
>malice (and I think he would be honest about his being unreliable).  A
>strong hint in this direction is the bit about everyone hearing
>something different when Bolk speaks - emphasizing that different
>people have different biases and filters that alter understanding. 
>And there's also that Miklos doesn't have all of the facts. I suspect
>that if he is indeed the narrator of BP, he is writing about some
>events which happened very differently from his descriptions.
The "hearing different things" comes up again--quite compellingly--in 

I don't know if this is so much to show "unreliability" or not. I had 
assumed that this was one of those aspects of BP that came from it's 
initial life as political allegory... That different people will 
interpret the same events differently depending on their political 
perspective. (i.e. A Marxist and a Democrat and a Monarchist will all 
see things in a different light, and their understanding is limited by 
their perceptions.)

I'm not quite sure what this would mean in the context of Verra's 
conversations in Issola, however.

One might conclude, based on this, that Bolk is a god... (Based on 
Teldra's comments when this happens with Verra). I don't know if he's 
ever been considered such.

>>But then, BP is an enigma in the Dragaeraverse in many ways.
>This is true.  What the hell is up with the demons that gibber and
>squeak, anyway?

Is this perhaps an allusion on the sounds of the spoken Dragaean language?

Might want to cross-reference this with Sethra's comments to Morrolan in 
LoCB about him "Swallowing his vowels" and "attacking his consonants".