Terics Academy

Mark A. Mandel thnidu at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 25 10:16:02 PST 2005

Nice! I will add it to the list of sites on Cracks & Shards, with an
appropriate note about its purpose.

"A Note on Color:

The color scheme of this site is based on the colors of the House of
Dragon. These are black and silver, which may be a little hard on the eyes
when reading stories for long periods. I would suggest copy-pasting the
text from story pages into a text editor with a white background if you
are sensitive to such things. If there is demand, I may even develop an
"eye-friendly" version of the site. Please let me know if this is
something you'd like to see."

I would. I would like to SEE the site. Imagine some of your would-be
readers as having eyes no longer young and screens not as large as they
would wish. Then remember that it is not just your (or my) imagination.

If you will permit me to say so, my lord, it seems to me inhospitable to
ask your guests to copy-paste each page of your site in order to read it,
thus losing the enjoyment and guidance of all your formatting, not to
mention the ability to click directly on a link.

May I offer a suggestion? Black on silver (light-grey) would preserve the
colors and be much easier to read, as can be seen in the parts of the page
guide/header that are at full brightness (behind "Course Catalog", in my
view). True, it reverses the BALANCE of the colors from what we see in
Dragonlords' dress, but the identity of the House is still unmistakeable.
We know the colors of twelve out of the sixteen Houses that presumably
have them (the Yendi, of course, have no distinctive heraldic colors)
(http://www.cracksandshards.com/characteristics.html), and no two of them
are distinguished from each other only by order or prominence of the

mam / c&s

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