How will House Phoenix arise from the ashes?

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>Or, hm, have we ever heard anything about Serioli gods?

How about this? 

The Paths of the Dead, paperback, Chapter the Thirty-Fourth, page 385

"At that instant, she found that she was looking at one of the gods she
had not hitherto confronted.  This one appeared to her as a being not
unlike a Serioli, a very old Serioli--one with wrinkles and splotches
of great age, and whose gnarled hands rested palms up upon thin
knees the outlines of which were visible beneath a frail garment of
dark blue.  And in those hands and upon those knees was an 
object that Zerika knew at once, though she had never seen it,
nor, indeed, heard more than the most cursory description of it."